Thursday, May 19, 2011

Starbucks Addict in the Making

Hi. My name is Anabelle and I'm addicted to Starbucks. I take comfort in knowing that MANY of you are too. I, however, cannot handle the caffeine. I immediately start to twitch, my heart races and I feel light headed. So I started by drinking a Tall, no water, Chai. Yummy. But sometime last Christmas I discovered a Tall, decaf, peppermint white mocha. DELISH! Oh and imagine my happiness when I found out you can get it year round!

I am also raising a Starbucks Addict.

It seems that Jaxon likes a little coffee too. I would like to blame this on my mom. She has to have her coffee and toast every morning and a little more coffee every afternoon. With as much time as Jaxon has spent at my parent's house in the past 3 years, he has come to love having coffee and toast with "Rora".

In the past few months, Jaxon has put two and two together... I like coffee & Rora's house and Mama has "coffee" every time we go to Target. Hmmm.

It began like this, "Mama can I have a sip of your coffee?" "No Bud, it's too hot for you."Now it's something like this, "Mama, when your coffee is cold I'll have the rest ok. When we get to the car your coffee will be cold and you'll give it to me."

The little bugger has even figured out that I only get through 3/4 of it while shopping! And if I even give him a sip he chugs the rest.

The other day I came home, set my Starbucks cup on Brian's desk while I put away some groceries away and when I came back the little theif had swiped it! And there was more than 1/4 left! I could hear him saying to Brian, "Shhh Daddy. It's our secret. Don't tell Mama."

"I drank it all"

I believe he's saying, "Good manners!"

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