Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Melts My Heart

This little boy has been driving me CRAZY lately! He's definietly asserting his independence and testing the limit. Plus I think he is missing his friends from NM and Gymboree. We've never spent so much time together.

We are having growing pains.

I find myself being much less patient than I'd like to be. Today I lost it and yelled at him. A few minutes later I apologized for yelling (I'm not sure if I should have, but I want him to learn that it is ok to say your sorry) and he said, "It's ok. I think we need a break." Oh this kid cracks me up!! Makes me smile everytime.

Another thing that makes me smile...

When I find Jaxon quietly reading

I've caught him reading to himself a thousand times, but a thousand times I feel a tug on my heart. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that he loves to read.

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Nicole said...

That is super sweet!