Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's been awhile since I've posted some "Jaxon-isms" and today alone he gave us two. Honestly, as I sit down to write this, I can only remember one other one. Not sure where my memory is lately, but it clearly isn't with me. Let's see if it comes back in the next few minutes.

We were at the driving range the other day and Jaxon looks around with a very intent look on his face. He is clearly looking for someone or something. He turns to me, raises his arms up and says, "Mama, where's Tiger Woods?"

Seriously, the kid thought he'd see Tiger at our little golf course.


My dad has been over the past few days building some shelves in our "panic room". It's a 3 x3 empty, doesn't make any sense room. So he's kindly converting it into another storage area for us.

Well, he was working during naptime and scooched a ladder across the tile. Imagine that sound, "ta ta ta" Shortly there after Jaxon wakes up and tells my dad, "Abu, you're making noise. Next time I take a nap you go home to make noise."

Yeah. He's not bossy. At.All.


On a positive note, the first day my dad was working, he did say, "Can I help you sir?


My mom also came over after naptime to check on the handy man and Jax wanted to show her his room. She went in, opened his blinds and said, "Jaxon, look at the pretty flowers. Look at the colors."

"Yeah, I painted those flowers for my wife."

"Your wife? Whose your wife?"

"Hunter. She's my wife."


My mom and I took him to church with us again this past week. An outing we quickly regret the moment we walk in. Of course, he talks the entire mass! Not kidding, he just won't quit. The second we walk out he says, "I was very quiet in church."

"Uhh, no you weren't. You talked the entire time."

"Well, I talked softly. I didn't talk LOUD."

Three year olds are obviously very literal.

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