Monday, May 2, 2011


Easter is a big deal in the Pearson household. Brian has fond memories of Easter as a kid and really wants to pass that along to Jaxon.
We started the weekend by taking Jaxon to the nearby elementary school for an Easter Eggstravaganza. Jaxon was so excited to go to "his" school. The first thing he says when we walk in was, "WOW! My school has a jumping castle!!"

What a difference from last year!
Then we dyed eggs. Let me just say, I'm glad I had 3 dozen eggs in my fridge, because I broke almost a dozen of them just boiling them!

What a goof ball!

Then the Easter bunny came to our house while we were sleeping. The night before Easter we were talking to Jax about it and he says, "Is the Easter bunny going to come into my room and tap my knees?" Really? Where does he get this stuff?! So in the morning we asked him if the Easter bunny tapped his knees and he replied, "Nooo. Day were under the covers!" Duh Mom!

Ready to go outside and hunt for those eggs!

This was his reaction each and every time he found an egg... "EEHHHH GGG"

After we found the 18 eggs (thank goodness the Easter Bunny let us know how many he left, because we almost left one behind), we had a good breakfast of homemade waffles (yes, people, from scratch!) and Kielbasa sausages. And Jaxon & I got ready for church. Brian got ready for his church... the golf course.

Jaxon DID NOT want to wear this shirt! We fought.. a lot! And any other good mom would have said, "Fine honey. What shirt would you like to wear?" But not me! The kid was going to wear the new shirt I bought him if it killed us! And with all the commotion, I forgot to take a picture of us dressed up :( So sad.

Jaxon must have been a good boy in church, because the Easter Bunny left eggs & a present at Abu & Lola's house too! He also left some planes at Grammy Sue's house which she brought with her for Easter Dinner.

The wonderful thing about living back in Tucson? We get to host holidays with BOTH of our families! I seriously love it. So the Rios and the Pearsons gathered for dinner on the patio. But did I take any pictures? Nope. Just of Kory & Jaxon playing soccer. It warms my heart to watch Jax & his older cousin play. I'm so happy that he will grow up with at least one cousin in town.

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