Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Monday was our field trip to Explora! the children's museum here in ABQ. I've been wanting to take Jax for awhile, but just never got there. The greatest part is that on Mondays they have toddler time, the museum opens an hour early just for little people 4 and under. Which is GREAT! No big kids or people giving you dirty looks because your two year old is running amock. The second best part is that it was Jaxon's first true playdate. Now, yes, he has had playdates before, but they have been with my friends' kids. This playdate was a friend that he made at Gymboree. Her name is Kate and she is a tom-boy to the core. She loves dinosaurs, rockets, and planes... right up Jaxon's alley.

No more story telling, just pictures. I took loads of them! We were there for 3 1/2 hours! And I still had to drag Jax out. He LOVED.IT!


Train room

Craft room... working on a giraffe
Jaxon's giraffe. He's an abstract artist.

Playing with water

Yes, he's licking a rock.

360 degrees of mirrors

Flying the airplane

Not only do they have so many fun activities inside, they also have a great playground!


Nicole said...

THat looks like tons of fun! He is so darn cute. And I really love his abstract giraffe:)

Ami said...

I'm mildly sad that you won't be living there anymore! I remember that we were going to go there last time we visited...but why didn't we? Cuz the babies couldn't really walk yet or what? Sigh...oh well!