Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Aquarium

I'm trying to get back into blogging business. It's been over two weeks and I need to get "re inspired". So here goes my first attempt

As you know Brian and I love taking Jaxon on field trips. We love exposing him to new things & places and rediscovering old ones. Last week we decided to rediscover the aquarium. It had been months since we'd been. On this trip, I was amazed at how much easier it is getting going places with him. We just hopped out of the car and walked into the aquarium. No fussing with strollers, diaper bags, bottles, snacks, etc. Granted I did have all of our necessities in my ginormous purse, but still, it just seemed less complicated this time.

For me the best part of the aquarium was the conversation on the way there. As always, Jaxon's vocabulary never ceases to amaze me! I may be biased, but the kid is just way too smart! His memory is amazing. Like I said, it had been months since we'd been there, but he remembered everything about it!
"We see fish at aquarium? We see sharks? How about sting rays? Daddy what your favorite part?
"I like the sharks."
"No, dats my favorite part. You wike da fish. Mama what your favorite part?"
"My favorites are the sting rays."
"I wike da sharks. Daddy wike da fish and Mama wike da sting ray. Papi is scared of sharks. I cover his eyes when we go. I protect him. Papi is scared of da sharks, not me I wike dem."

And on and on for the entire 30 minute drive.

But my absolute favorite was once we had parked and I am getting him out of his seat he puts his hands on his face and squeals, "I SOO HAPPY TO BE HERE! I WUV DA AQUARIUM! WE COME AGAIN OKAAAAY."

Now enjoy our pictures....

My new favorite. How cute is this little sea horse?
We were trying to get a picture of Brian & Jax in front of the giant eel and fish but someone wouldn't cooperate!
"I no wike dos. Day yucky."

Holy giant sting ray Batman!

The only way to get a picture with him is to hold him down!

Tomorrow we are going on a playdate to Explora! The children's museum. Can't wait!

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