Monday, November 8, 2010

Peter Piper Pizza

I'm convinced that Peter Piper Pizza is the devil's spawn! At least on a Saturday afternoon for a birthday party. One of Jaxon's friends had his birthday party there this weekend and I swear I will NEVER have a birthday party there! (Famous last words, I'm sure Jax's party will be there this year!)
It was madness. Not my idea of fun.

"I done. I no wan to eat. I pay."
Tyler & Larry (bday boy) trying to convince him to eat.

Skee ball with his buddy Jacob
Going on a date with Allyn (aka Butter)

Stuck in the play stucture. Guess who had to bail him out?

"Help me Mama! I stuck! I want out!"

Cameron (aka Crumbs) and Jax
Eating frosting, forget the cake!

Digging the ice cream

With every outing or activity I learn something new and how to make it better next time. My lesson from this birthday party is to NEVER take Jaxon present shopping with me. He did not understand that the present we got was FOR LARRY. He kept saying, "I give dis to Yarry. I say happy birfday and give him present." Well, he's all talk. While Larry was opening presents, Jaxon took the liberty to open the present we brought himself. It was good times when I had to peel him away from the presents. Lesson learned. Jaxon stays home while I shop.

8 down 22 to go


Sarah said...

i agree that ppp is the devil's spawn! i had to work there for like four years! i dreaded saturdays when i had to set up all those GD birthday parties! i am sure that henry will want a party there one day too, should i leave you and jax off the invite list? ;)

Anabelle said...

I say you tell Henry that PPP doesn't DO birthday parties! He'll never know right?