Monday, November 22, 2010

"Papi's Dirty!"

You have all heard of Jaxon's beloved blue puppy or "PAAPI" as he calls him. You also know that Jaxon does not go anywhere (except the babysitter's) without Papi, he cannot sleep without puppy, he cannot live without puppy! You have also probably heard how I have had gone MILES out of my way to get a forgotten puppy. We are terrified of losing Papi somewhere.My mom found AN IDENTICAL blue puppy on Ebay, broke down and bought one. We were DYING to know if Jaxon would know a difference or if it would be an even exhange.

new puppy on left, old puppy on right
Can you tell a difference?

Yeah. It was a dis-as-ter! I gave Jaxon the new puppy, he took one look at it and FREAKED OUT! "Papi's dirty! go wash him. He's dirty!" and threw it at me! I quickly pretended to wash puppy and gave him the original, "Dat's bedder." We have tried exhanging puppies numerous times and each time it's the same, "Papi's dirty! Go wash him!" I have NO idea why he says or thinks puppy is dirty, he just is and wants nothing to do with him.

Yes, new puppy is a bit fluffier than old

And yes, I washed new puppy a dozen times and even slept with him for a month. There is just no replacing Papi.

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