Monday, November 15, 2010

Museum of Natural History

On Saturday Brian had to have his car serviced and the mechanic is on the other side of town. So we decided that while we waited for the truck to be ready we would stay in Albuquerque and go to the NM Museaum of Natural History. It sounds like an "adult" thing to take your 2-year-old to, but they have a dinoaur exhibit. No need to say more.
We left the house a little before 9:30 am, arrived at the mechanic's at 10:15 am and were on on our way to the museum when all of a sudden the back seat was quiet. HMMM. That's odd. We look back and see

sound asleep. Now what? I figure we drive to the museum and by the time we get there he'll be awake. Not so much. Snoring blissfully still. Do we go home? Do we wake him up? The answer was a resounding no to both questions. By the time we got home he would most likely be awake or would not stay asleep much longer and we would just have to turn around again and drive 45 minutes to pick up the truck. If we woke him up he would be cranky and the museum would be a bust.

Thankfully, my Starbucks radar was on. There was a Starbucks just down the street so Brian & I decided to enjoy a warm beverage. Luckily there was a parking spot right up front, we cracked the windows and sat at a sidewalk table. We had a nice impromptu date while our son slept peacefully in the car.

Our view

We sat there for a good 45 minutes chatting about our plans to move to Tucson when the phone rang letting us know the truck was ready (thank goodness we didn't go home!).

By the time we got to the mechanic, Jaxon was awake & refreshed after an hour nap. We decided to stick with our plans and go to the museum.

His face when he saw the entrance was priceless! Wish I would have had the camera out. The sight of Triceratops & T-Rex made him giddy!

This is when I regretted not having the Flip Cam. He was over the moon when he saw the T-Rex bones. "Whoa! Wook at dat T-Rex! Wook at his sharp teef! WOW! Wook Mama! T-Rex!" He could be heard through out the entire museum I'm sure!

Triceratops skullThis is where I learned that T-Rex has been found in several different parts of New Mexico! Who knew? Apparently hundereds of dinosaur fossils have been found here.

The funny part was watching adults listen to Jaxon. He knew all of the dinosaurs they had on display. And to see the adults look at him like, "Really?" was funny. I'm sure one day he will run this exhibit. Heck, he probably already can!

Can you tell how excited he is?

Waiting for the eggs to hatch. (there was a sign that said you could touch the dino eggs. Maybe not climb in the nest...)

Posing with Stegosaurus

Half way there! 15 down 15 to go!

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Nicole said...

That is hilarious!! I would never have thought to do that, but now, next they fall asleep and we are out- totally on it!!
The museum looks fun! Delaney and Brody would love that! DO you watch Caillou? He goes to a dino museum and that is one of the kids fav episodes!