Monday, June 14, 2010

While the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play

That's what Jaxon did while his Mama & Daddy were in Hawaii! Jaxon & Lucy stayed with my parents ("Yoya & Abu") in Tucson and had loads of fun. Well, Jax and Luce had fun, my mom got laryngitis, an ear infection & pink eye.

Jaxon & Lucy played with bubbles & in the water table every morning.

Catching bubbles

Lucy likes to drink from the table & maybe steal a toy or two.

If Lucy can drink from the water table, why can't Jaxon?

He also tried getting in the water table.

He ate ice cream

He wore "Abu's toe boy hat" (cowboy hat)

He climbed in the furniture

He went "night night on floor with Papi"

Jaxon also had to "work" at "Yoya & Abu's" house. Our poor little guy has asthma, so he has to do a breathing treatment twice a day every day.

Breathing and watching Dora. He d oes his best breathing sitting with Abu.

"NO more breafe!"

Gotta love summer!

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