Friday, June 18, 2010

Lots of Friends!

Jaxon & I have been in Tucson for 2 weeks now. I'm here to prepare for my next round of Radioactivity. This means I must deplete my body of iodine and go on a Low Iodine Diet (LID)for 2 weeks before I am to take the Radioactive Iodine pill. The LID consists of no dairy at all (no chocolate, milk, cheese, yogurt), eggs, soy, seafood, or iodized salt. Which pretty much eliminates any and all processed foods and eating out. So we're at my parent's house where my mom has been very busy making me homemade meals every night, careful not to include any of the above ingredients! She has even made homemade bread, peanut butter, sorbet and fresh beans. The BEST treat has been the Wacky Cake. Chocolate cake made with cocoa powder and no eggs or milk. It is actually VERY GOOD and tastes exactly like a "real" chocolate cake. This made me a happy girl! :)

But, I digress. Being in Tucson means catching up with dear friends and their kiddos. I have been LOVING this! We have been busy busy going around town playing with new friends.
First we went to Breaker's Waterpark with the Bunch Triplets.
I have NO pictures of the four of them together (well, just one, but I'm in a bathing suit and not looking particularly "fit". Ami, did take a plethora of pictures, so you may want to jump over to her blog to check them out.)

First one in the water, or the "ocean" . Yes, Jax called the pool the "ocean" and there was no one to make him think differently!

Ethan & Hunter enjoying the fountain

Me & my boy on "My turtle" as Jaxon called it

Next, we visited the Fisher kids.

I had Baylee in Kindergarten and now she is in 7th grade! Gosh I feel old. I'd like to say that was my first year teaching, but sadly I had already had a few years under my belt.

Jaxon & Trynnity, apparently Jaxon is going to be Trynnity's husband since he played cars with her. He has been talking about her an awful lot lately... Uh oh Hunter, you have competition!

From left to right: Devynn, Jaxon, Trynnity, Baylee & Prestton. Prestton wasn't so much wanting to be part of the group. Devynn & Jaxon

Cute little Prestton

Joaquin came over another day

I thought this was the cutest thing. Joaquin didn't know what to think!

We got together with my friend from college, Becky, and her two girls, Abigail & Kaitlyn.

Abigail & Jaxon started a band!

Kaitlyn was the backup dancerKaitlyn decided to play guitar tooAnother Bunch Triplet playdate!

Having lunch together. PB &J for the babies & chicken nuggets for the big boy.

I love how Ethan turned upside down to look at me!And what's a date with Ami & the triplets without a trip to Target!

Let me tell you, this was THE MOST chaotic Target visit we have ever had! Jaxon and Hunter were yelling at each other for fun, each kid took turns crying for no apparent reason & pulling clothes off the racks, and jumping in the cart part (which is not very safe)

Mary holding Ethan (it was his turn to cry for no reason) Jaxon, Hunter & Colton in their respective carts.

Jaxon happily drinking my green tea and Ethan back in the cart with Hunter.

Jaxon playing peek-a-boo with Hunter, or maybe they're yelling at each other for sport. Either way it has bad news written all over it!

And that's all! There were a few people we missed :( but maybe next time around...December maybe?


Sarah said...

sorry we missed out on all the fun :( your next trip henry should be ready for some more adventures! you did get to at least see him! i should post those pics on my blog one of these days...

Ami said...

I love trips to Target with all the kids, no matter how crazy they are! Good times, good times...I'm so glad we got to see you guys so much!

Jaymee said...

Just now catching up!!!! LOVE all the pictures. We are so glad we got to see you and Jaxon. Trynnity has told EVERYBODY she is marrying Jaxon. it is hilarious. So happy to know all went well with your thyroid. Hope we see you again soon!