Sunday, April 11, 2010

A BIG Mess

I know that when my parents see this post they are going to have a mini-heart attack! I can just hear them now, "Aye, Anabelle! Que rebolu!" So I will apologize the them now. Sorry, Mom & Dad!

Well, I know that I had a BIG mess in my closest and it was driving me nuts! I am usually not this messy. This lasted about 2 weeks and it was the week that we came back from spring break. I had report cards to do, parent teacher conferences to hold until the wee hours of the night, grocery shopping to do, vacuuming, dusting, linen changing, etc etc. I was busy and exhausted! Needless to say, the closest went to the bottom of my to do list. Everytime I walked in I cringed and had a mini-panic attack, I couldn't wait to clean it! Thankfully I only work part-time so I was able to take a Friday morning to dedicate to putting my closest back together. I also had a nice little helper!
Before {cringe}
There is a laundry basket under the pile of clothes so at least they aren't just thrown on the floor.

After. {relieved sigh}.

The shelves to the right belong to Brian, that's why the clothes aren't nicely folded.

My organizing helper.
Down he goes!

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Ami said...

That is NOTHING compared to my closet! It's so bad I'm not even going to copy your post and show the world mine! I once showed a picture to Nicole, but I'm not that brave anymore...Good job! I might have gotten a little inspiration from you...