Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh No!

I just found this video from our trip to Tucson for Christmas. Brian & I got a Wii from Grammy Sue and were playing tennis with my family. Jaxon was watching and all of a sudden he starts yelling, "Oh No!" We all thought it was hilarious!
Now, he does it all the time... at very apropriate moments mind you. For example: We were having breakfast at Brueggar's Bagels and he threw up on the seat and says, "Oh no!".
Brian was driving us around town, slammed on the breaks, things went flying in the car and Jaxon yells, "Oh no!".
Jaxon drops his food on the floor during dinner and says, "Oh no."

1 comment:

Sarah said...

how freakin' adorable! i thought it was just an oh no saying, nope, it's a scream... OH NO!!! hee hee :) so cute!