Monday, June 8, 2009

Tomorrow is RAI Day!

Tomorrow is it... the day I become RADIOACTIVE! I am not going to lie, I am scarred, worried, sad, anxious and a little bit excited. You may ask yourself, Excited? Why is she excited? Well, this is the end, the last "step" of kicking cancer's butt. So I am excited to be done and not have to worry about being a cancer patient for another year. But, on the other hand, the not knowing what is going to happen or how if I am going to be sick is more than taking over the excited part. I will let you know how tomorrow goes...

I am 2 weeks into my low iodine diet and I must admit it wasn't as bad as I had envisioned. I must give all of the credit to my mom! She was amazing. I know that had I stayed in ABQ I would have most likely starved, not because I can't cook, but because I would not have been anywhere near as proactive as she was. She cooked EVERY meal especially for me. I mean from homemade bread, to homemade peanut butter. She went out of her way to change her way of cooking for me. I feel very blessed to have such supportive parents.

Luckily, I felt pretty well those 2 weeks I was home. The last week I did start to get tired and I would just hit a wall and have to take a nap, not just a little cat nap, but a 2 hour-dead-to-the-world nap. Then I would be fine. That was the worst of it! Not too shabby huh?

Brian and I are back in ABQ gearing up for the big day tomorrow. Jaxon and Lucy are in Tucson, it's been less than 24 hours and I miss them more than I ever thought possible! The house is so quiet and lonely without my little Bubba and Pooperhead. It's funny how when everyone is here all you want is the house to yourself then when you have it, it's not-so-fun! The grass isn't always greener.

That's it for my update, tune in tomorrow or the next day for the official RADIOACTIVE ANABELLE! I will be sure to take a picture of me in a dark closet just in case I do glow in the dark!


Adam and Samantha said...

Good Luck!! Get lots of rest while you can!

Fisher Family said...

Thinking of you and wishing you a safe road to recovery from all this. oxox

Bee-Jai said...

Thinking and praying for you. Let us know how you're feeling. Everything is going to be great. Kick cancer's butt lady!!