Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jax Needs HUMAN Friends

I have come to the conclusion that my son needs friends of the human variety! He loves his Lucy sooo much that he is trying to become her!
Let's start with Jaxon's favorite "toy"... the water bowl! Yes, I am aware that a child can drown in 2 inches of water. I don't really let me play in it! Except to take a blog-or-blackmail-worthy picture.

Up next we have Jaxon on Lucy's pillow! He absolutely loves to curl up and bury his head in her bed. It is actually quite funny to hear him squeal with laughter!

At least he is chewing on one of his toys... this time!

And last but not least is Lucy's Toy Box...

"Hmm, which one do I choose today?"... yes he took all of those toys out himself until he found the one that suited him on this day.

"How about a Denta-Bone?"


Adam and Samantha said...

That's so cute that he loves her so much he wants to be just like her!! Ethan is the same way, when he sees our dogs drinking he goes over and tries to drink out of their dish, on all fours with his tongue, totally grosses me out!! Don't worry Jaxon will have plenty of human friends one day!

Ami said...

OMG Anabelle. Seriously, so funny! Between Lucy and Jaxon's antics, you should have a lifetime of blog worthy events to write about! I love it!