Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Made It!

The Pearson's arrived safely in Tucson yesterday! We left Albuquerque bright and early Saturday morning... only 15 minutes behind our original schedule, not too bad for us!
We get in the car and Lucy immediately starts whining. Ugh! Of course Brian (Mr. Patient-HA) gets irritated right away and I tell him not to worry she will calm down in a few minutes. Not so much. Then before we even get on the freeway Jaxon starts crying! Seriously? We aren't even a half hour into our trip and both our kids are ready to be out of the car. This was going to be fun! To please our little guy, I crawl into the back seat to entertain him. He is happy to see someone back there with him, so he stops crying. Lucy however, isn't so happy to be upfront with just Brian so she jumps into the back seat with me. Oh, but she can't find her own spot, she walks over me and right into Jaxon's lap! She is literally sitting in his car seat with him! She is too much! Jax was thrilled, not only was Mama with him but so was his favorite furry friend. That only lasted a few minutes though, because he got a hold of her tail that was the end of that cozy scene.

The next 5 hours were pretty uneventful, I spent most of that time going from the front to the back. Jaxon actually slept on and off for 3 hours. I miss my teeny little baby though. It wasn't as convinient to change him in the front seat when we stopped. The last time we drove home he fit nicely on the seat, this time his heas was jammed against the seatbelt buckle and his feet were hanging off the edge. Not so comfy, but better than taking him into a nasty Deming,NM gas station bathroom that's for sure! He was just happy to be out of his carseat for a few minutes.

Our plan was to get here by 2, hang out and get settled for a few hours and then off to Brian's work Christmas party we would go. Well, someone had other plans for us. We were an hour away from Tucson and we were all done with being in the car. Jaxon was starting to cry and Brian says to him, "Don't worry buddy we are almost there just one more hour. Hang in there." That was at 12:45 not one minute later we come to a stand still! No one is moving. After about 5 minutes of sitting in a parking lot I call my good friend Officer Brian Bunch to ask him what is going on. He tell me that a truck caught on fire and they had to close the freeway, but not to worry they were going to open one lane of traffic in 10 minutes. Okay we can handle that. Uhh not so much! 1 1/2 hours later we were FINALLY moving. By this time you can only imagine how pleasant the Pearson Boys were, you know how patient they both are! That was a fun time in the car let me tell you. There went our perfect plan of getting to my parent's house and have a few hours to settle in before heading out again. I felt bad for poor Jax & Lucy, we literally threw both of them at my mom, showered and headed out the door... again!
Oh well, we made it and are happy to be in warm weather again. I think we should become snow birds...

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