Monday, December 1, 2008

A Quiet & Lazy Thanksgiving

The Pearson's had a great Thanksgiving! Sue, Brian's mom, came to spend the holiday with us again... must not have been too bad the first time :) Since it was just going to be the 4 of us, we decided sweet & simple would be best. I made turkey with all the fixins'... well not ALL the fixins'. Just stuffing, potatoes, Kate Brooks' broccoli casserole, rolls & a pumpkin cheesecake. I must brag and say I made everything all by myself, from scratch! Ok, maybe not the potatoes, but everything else. And it was all yummy! I am most proud of the pumpkin cheesecake. That was so delicious! It will most definitely become a must have in this family! We cooked, drank Sangria, played Yahtzee, played with Jax & Lucy and pretty much just vegged out the entire weekend. It was great to have Sue out here for a few days to spend time with her youngest grandson. He is absolutely in love with his Grammy Sue. He loved telling her stories, showing off his dance moves & practicing sitting up and of course having her feed him!
Oh yes, the dancing... Brian's new favorite thing is the Salsa music channel! He loves putting it on and having Jaxon dance. The funny thing is, is that Jaxon actually likes it! If he is starting to get fussy, we turn on Salsa and poof! happy baby is back! As soon as he hears it he laughs and his little arms and feet start flapping and moving all over the place. It is very cute. He definitely has Puerto Rican blood in him!
On Black Friday, Brian opted not to shop and went golfing instead. Sue & I, however, braved the crowds and shopping we went! We didn't last very long though. We bought Jax a few Christmas presents and back home we went, but we can say we shopped on Black Friday to help the economy!
Playing with Grammy Sue
Getting ready to cook with Pilgrim Jaxon as a helper!

Brian with his Little Pilgrim

Grammy Sue feeding Jaxon. He was more interested in playing with her.

Turkey's done! Cooking it in the bag is the way to go!

Brian carves the yummy turkey.

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